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What is Beach Tennis?

Beach Tennis is the coolest sport to hit the beach, taking regular tennis and adding an x factor, the beach.



Played on a court with the same dimensions as beach volleyball , but with a lower net ( 1.7m ) it offers and great combination of both sports , tennis and beach volleyball.   Double is the normal format , using normal tennis serves and of course , lots of volleys and smashes. No , the ball doesn't bounce. Singles is also played on a court with reduced width (4.5m).
Specially designed Beach Tennis paddles are  used and are made of a combination of carbon and fiberglass with a woven fiderglass and braided carbon face. They are available in various weights and designs to suit all skill levels. The ball used is a "stage 2" tennis ball which has about 50% of the pressure of a regular tennis ball. The combination of the paddle and the ball gives a great feeling of both control and power.

Anyone that has played regular tennis , or has tried learning , knows that it is quite tough to master. Beach tennis is easier , taking away many of the technical elements in regular tennis associated with the bounce and focusing on the volley , which is the simplest technique in regular tennis. The serve can also be simplified as there is no specific area to serve into.


However , Beach Tennis can be very competitive.  International level championships are played  throughout Europe , especially Italy , France and Holland. World level championships are also played in many countries throughout the rest of the world , including Reunion , Aruba , Japan and  Australia.

And now Beach Tennis is in Singapore !!!!


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