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Corporate Beach Tennis


This is the best way to get the office camaraderie going. A sport that easy for everyone  to play , and environment that everyone loves with a great team of coaches will make it a perfect day. We will provide everything. All the staff need are shorts and a t-shirt. With a combination of games , drills and the right amount of competition , we will have all levels of staff "high fiveing" each other in no time. 

We can accommodate most times and most numbers , just send us an email at or give us a call on 9817-5492.

Kids Beach Tennis


Kids love the beach. Beach Tennis for juniors is played with a slightly modified size court to make it even easier. Participate in our regular junior coaching program, competitions or holiday camps. Designed for ages 7+, we have development, advanced and performance programs. Our programs contain the perfect mix of learning and fun. 

Beach Tennis Burn


All of you have probably had a walk on the beach , possibly even a run. Remember the feeling you get after that ? Not only the relaxing feeling of the environment ( the beach being the greatest of all ) , but the muscles in your legs and body. The  Beach Tennis workout offers you a combination of a great sport and a great workout. The resistance created by the sand is next to nothing for a whole body workout!

With Beach Tennis Burn, we will set you through some specific drills that will get your heart beating and muscles pumping, on the beach !

Come and join us on Sentosa, Wednesday mornings from 9.30am to 11am. More sessions will be added

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